Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County / New Jersey Institute for DisabilitiesCerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County / New Jersey Institute for Disabilities

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County is a 501 (c)(3) and a 509 (a)(1) tax-exempt nonprofit agency approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, contributions made to the Association are tax deductible.

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You may want to discuss with your financial planner, accountant, or attorney the following methods to make contributions to the Cerebral Palsy Association and control taxable income as well:

Outright Gifts: Gifts of cash, appreciated property and tangible personal property directly and immediately benefit the many programs and activities of the Cerebral Palsy Association. Simplicity and ease of delivery are the factors that make this type of charitable giving the most popular.

Life Insurance: Life insurance has the unique ability to meet varied protection needs of individuals. An important but overlooked function is the role it can play in planned giving. For a relatively modest outlay, a donor can make a substantial gift to the Cerebral Palsy Association.

Wills & Bequests: Through conferring with an attorney, this method of support helps ensure that your legacy continues according to your wishes. Unfortunately, a significant number of Americans relinquish the privilege of directing the disposition of their assets and leave to the state of New Jersey the responsibility of disposing of their wealth that was hard earned over the course of a lifetime.

Life Income Plans: You may want to make a significant and long lasting gift to the Association - a gift that could benefit you, your loved ones and the Association at the same time. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 permitted certain discretionary means for individuals to control and maximize income. Financial instruments like Charitable Remainder Trusts, Unitrusts, Annuity Trusts, Pooled Income Funds and Charitable Lead Trusts are some of the long-term options available for donors. Consultation with a tax advisor, accountant or attorney is highly recommended since individual financial situations are unique.

To discuss Wills, Bequests or Life Income Plans, please call or email Venus Majeski, Director of Development & Community Relations, at 732.549.6187 - Venus.Majeski@cpamc.org.